Top Load Washer Operation


How to clean your fridge’s water filter

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Try delicious berry tea without the added sugar and calories:,AAABl3NGkTE~,R01GsN3NaMWTSaT8cgXYz8lbv54UWOF1&bclid=2114913909001&bctid=2245153673001


Installation of a disposal by GE

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Cleaning a Glass Cookstop Range

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WF1124XAC ecobubble™ Washing Machine

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Ten avoidable laundry mistakes

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All about dust – what it is and how to get rid of it

The other week I was helping to reorganise someone’s sizeable CD collection; a collection large enough to take up three floor-to-ceiling racks from a certain Swedish furniture company.  One by one, we removed the CDs from their old homes, dusted off their cases, and put them into their new order.

As most of the collection had previously been digitised, not many of the CDs had been listened to in recent years, meaning the whole lot was covered in an impressive layer of dust, which soon ended up covering us as well.

I spent the following two days in what felt like an endless cycle of coughing and sneezing.  Most unpleasant.

To prevent something like this from happening to you, here’s a short guide to dust and how to rid yourself of it…

Source: Appliance Online Blog. Australia’s largest online appliances retailer (



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Whirpool shows on this youtube video a new technology that offers  a good way of saving time, money and energy when washing the dishes.


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How to clean your fridge’s water filter