Dryer Repair Service

Washers and Dryers are an essential part of every home. These two machines have revolutionized American households by virtually eliminating the time and the amount of manual labor that it took to wash cloths. When a dryer breaks it can be a stressful and uncomfortable experience that adds unnecessary effort to dry laundry. Let the expert technicians from US Standard alleviate the discomfort with a quick troubleshoot or repair.

Let us help you diagnose and repair any of the following problems with you dryer:

• Noisy Dryer
• Dryer Takes Too Long to Dry
• Dryer Does Not Work
• No Tumble
• No Heat
• Computer Board Malfunctioning
• Broken Door

Some tips for dryer maintenance and repair:

• Regularly clean out the lint built up. For best drying results, clean the lint filter before each load. Lint built up is the leading cause of dryer malfunction. If your dryer has the white vinyl vents we strongly recommend that you replace those with fireproof aluminum vents as soon as possible to prevent fires.
• Check the vent for any lint that maybe stuck there. It is very important to keep this area clear, not only for the best performance but also because trapped lint can be a fire hazard.
• Make sure that your outlet has power and the correct voltage for the gas or the electric dryer.

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