Oven Repair Service

Cooking at home is not only healthy but also economical. Being able to control your ingredients is an intricate part of healthy eating as well as budgeting food costs. If your oven is not working don’t ignore the problem, by ordering out, fix your oven today. Our expert repairmen can service any malfunctioning oven. Regardless of the issue, call us today!

If you smell gas anywhere in your home it is very important to call the gas company immediately. Do not use your cell phone or ignite any flames, a gas leak can cause a huge explosion. After the gas leak is fixed, we have no problem coming out to repair your unit as soon as the gas company has checked for any leaks or other dangers. So, if you have any cooktop repair or maintenance needs call US Standard Appliance Repair at 818 358 8847 and we’ll schedule you an appointment as soon as possible!

We can help with the following malfunctions and more:

  • Oven Not Working
  • Malfunctioning Bake Function
  • Malfunctioning Broil Function
  • Malfunctioning Self Clean
  • Broken Clock
  • Broken Door
  • Erratic Temperature
  • Oven Doesn’t Heat
  • Defected Thermostat

Some tips for maintaining your oven:

  • Try not to overuse self-cleaning. Self-cleaning works on very high temperatures and destroys electronics.
  • Don’t use the door as a shelf, this damages your ovens hinges and the door does not close tightly.
  • Don’t use the oven as a heater for your home. In this case your heating elements never turn off and break.

Call US Standard Appliance Repair today 818 358 8847 – 805 475 4105  – 661 414 7555 for any of your appliance needs.