Washing Machine Repair Service

Washers and Dryers are an essential part of every home. These two machines have revolutionized American households by virtually eliminating the time and the amount of manual labor that it took to wash cloths.  It is extremely frustrating when one of these machines malfunctions. US Standard Appliance Repair technicians are all manufactory trained and ready to service your washing machine needs.

Let us help you diagnose and repair any of the following problems with you washer:

  • Leaking Washing Machine
  • Increased Level of Vibration
  • Excessive Shaking During Spin
  • Clothes Not Properly Drained At the End of the Cycle
  • Doesn’t Spin or Slow Spin
  • Doesn’t Pump Out Water
  • Doesn’t Agitate
  • Clothes Still Soapy
  • Clothes Torn or Ripped
  • Computer Board Malfunctioning
  • Broken Door

Some tips for washer maintenance and repair:

  • Check your pockets for any loose change or heavy pieces that can damage your washer.
  • Don’t overload your washer. A heavy drum puts too much pressure on the spinning mechanisms and can severely damage them.
  • If the washer is a top load machine, make sure to allocate the clothing evenly throughout the drum to prevent uneven distribution of weight. Uneven weight creates heavy shaking that can damage the washer.

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